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The majority of diseases can be connected to an immune system disorder at some level. And, it will continue in its disordered state indefinitely unless you do something about it.       

Getting your immune system to function properly involves more than taking one super-duper, solve all your problems, pill. If it were that easy, our variety of health issues that range from annoying to life threatening would have been resolved a long time ago. It's more complicated than that. You're more complicated than that.

No change in immune function = feel the same

Better immune function = feel better

Worse immune function = feel worse

Are you hurting or helping your immune system?
What If You Could Understand How
Your Immune System Relates To Your Problem?
What If You Knew What Natural Substances
Influenced Your Immune System And How?

Those who have a clearer view of the immune system and what influences it do better than those who don't. Health care professionals who can better incorporate immune system principles in their protocols have more successes.

Do you have the power to make your immune system better? Yes.
Do you also have the power to make it worse (by mistake)? Yes.
“This is a fascinating resource... I can say that I had no idea how the immune system really worked and I think everyone would benefit hugely if they can wrap their minds around the concept. I thought I understood, but clearly I did not. So, I'm excited...” J. O'Shaughnessy, CA
It's no secret that there are a variety of categories of natural substances that influence the immune system - plants, minerals, nutrients, amino acids, animal based formulas, plant based formulas, bacteria, hormones, and even more.  

The power behind this resource is that it includes explanations, resources and substances not usually pulled together in one place.

The influencers in Immune System Solutions: Products & Principals come from all kinds of different product categories. The thing that ties these seemingly unrelated substances together, and the only thing that does, is the fact that they influence your immune system. You won’t find them together, with this focus, anywhere else.
The Power Of Immune System Solutions
“I think ‘Immune System Solutions” is amazing. You have pulled together the un-pull-together-able. You did it well and nailed some really intricate issues in a clear way.” D. Bowman, AZ
What You Will Gain From Immune System Solutions
You know, one reason we have so many problems is because the world we’ve created is much harder on the immune system than it used to be, Unfortunately, the situation is unlikely to improve and will assuredly get worse.

The scary part of it is that your immune system loses its ability to fight disease quietly.

Losing the ability to control your health can sneak up on you.

Immune System Solutions; Products & Principles is about understanding enough to help you take it back.

The information is appropriate world wide. However, some of the specific products mentioned may not be available in some countries.

And, of course, there's a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If this book doesn't expand your horizons by all means ask for your money back.

Immune System Solutions is a 100+ page, easy to understand ebook, that addresses the immune system, its disorders, and the natural products that influence it and why.

It gives you practical knowledge you can use to positively affect your immune health.

It talks about real, specific, by name, even brand name, product options.

There's nothing else like it anywhere.

May your journey be filled with discovery and health.

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PLUS, You’ll Understand

1. Why vaccinations may contribute to allergies, autism and other conditions, (the presence of mercury is not the only factor).

2. What stress has to do with it.

3. What natural substances combat inflammation and assist the immune system in "seeing" abnormal cells. (cancer)

4. Why people with autoimmune diseases have to be careful about taking immune "boosters".

5. Why you often can't get answers to your health/product questions.

6. Which part of the immune system drops in function big time if you're over 50 and what products support it.

7. What product replaced PC-Spes, the all-in-one support product for the prostate.

8. What natural substance helps your body destroy abnormal cells like cancer and virually infected cells.

9. How pregnancy affects immune system function… Why many autoimmune diseases are relieved by it.

10. Where the immune system goes wrong.

11. What immune products from mammals have that herbs don't.

12. What targeted colostrum is and why it's illegal.

13. Which company is savvy enough to develop an experimental product that combats MRSA (superbug).

14. What the down side is to antibiotics and what you can do.

15. How your immune system might be responding in a variety of conditions.

and a whole lot more . . .
• A better idea of how the immune system really works, not how you think it works – you’re likely wrong. You’ll have a greater understanding of how it relates to your situation as well.

• Feel more in control. Have a clearer view of what you need to do.

• Know what and how herbs, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, hormones and many other natural elements influence your immune system, and therefore how you feel. They have power.

• Understand what specific "power" products for the immune system are all about. Things like transfer factor, the Ai/E10™ ingredient and medicinal mushrooms for example. They can act like little miracle workers. Using them is often essential.

• Ask better questions. You don't get answers without good questions.

• Find great immune system products. There are some things you can’t find, even on the Internet, unless you know the name of a product.

• Save money. Make better product choices. These things get to be expensive. How often have you tried products that didn't work?

• Better understand the concepts behind illness from an immune system point of view. It’s a point of view that matters.
"I never really understood how the immune system worked, until I bought  “Immune System Solutions". What a wonderful resource! Very easy to read, very detailed, keeps the interest going from page to page.

Now I understand. And most importantly, how to keep myself and my husband healthy. With the soaring costs of medical treatments, this guide is well worth the cost.” V Rosemeyer, Indiana
It's a unique and powerful resource whether you're dealing with personal health goals, or are a professional interested in seeing another perspective.
helping your body heal naturally
Immune disorders/diseases belong to broad categories. There is no end to the different ways the immune system can go off course. There are the infections, parasitical, viral and bacterial; the common cold and the flu being the most familiar.

Many diseases begin with infections. Many diseases are infections. Then there are the vast multitude of chronic conditions, plus the allergies that range from annoying to life threatening. And cancer. We can add inflammatory diseases and autoimmune diseases to the list. Some disorders aren't really identified.  
Immune System Disorders Come in All Sizes
What Are You Trying To Do?
Change the course of disease? For a majority of diseases, the immune system is part of the problem. It may be a key part. You can leave it flailing about or encourage it to become part of the solution. As it improves, so will you. Modern medicine and natural healing aren't always mutually exclusive.   

Return to health? Feeling healthy and being healthy can be completely different things. Sometimes it's about what to do after the "cure". Cancer is a typical example. Cancer survivors usually have more damaged immune systems than they had when they got cancer in the first place.    

Keep your health? If you think you're healthy, maybe you are, maybe you're not. Your immune system doesn't sound an alarm when it's stumbling. And, illness is a surprise you don't want. Intervening now in often simple ways will help to ensure you keep the health you've got. And, almost certainly improve it. Ask any sick person what they'd give to get their window of opportunity back.     

Immune System Solutions: Products & Principles is the most detailed explanation of immune system influencers and immune system functioning you'll find anywhere. It's a serious work, but written in a clear, understandable, sometimes humorous way.

I'm a nutritional therapist and nutriceutical researcher who made the immune system and those things that influence it my special focus. Over the past ten years I've answered a thousand questions from hundreds of people about these issues and have answered them again in one form or another in Immune System Solutions: Products & Principles. I don't sell products.

People dealing with the same problems don't have the same outcomes. It makes sense not to leave your immune system as part of your problem, but to influence it to become part of your solution.

Our World Is Not Kind To Our Immune Systems

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